Heuston South Quarter

Heuston South Quarter is a mixed use development project with a duration of four years and with many staged completions and handovers. Whilst some parts where fully completed and handed over others where just started and so careful scheduling and organization was required so as not to upset new tenants whether they where new owner occupiers or just renting tenants of both commercial and residential premises care and decorum where always required from all concerned to keep disturbance to an ultimate minimum. In a mixed development of this size there was all manner of electrical services provided, installed and commissioned all of which took a high level of electrical coordination and expertise as outlined below.

General Power and Lighting

  • MV Switch/ MV-LV Transformer
  • Standby Generator
  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting
  • General Services
  • Lifts/Disabled Lifts/Goods Lifts/Stair Lifts

Specific Specialist Services

  • Data Network
  • Fiber Optic Network
  • Cable television network
  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Disabled Refuge System
  • Disabled Toilet Call System – Networked
  • Barrier traffic system/Ticket machines/Traffic lights